List of parameters for {sys()}

Constant Value (Parameter) Test
SC_SIZE 0xF000 works
SC_MOVE 0xF010 works
SC_MINIMIZE 0xF020 works
SC_MAXIMIZE 0xF030 works
SC_NEXTWINDOW 0xF040 PC freezes
SC_PREVWINDOW 0xF050 PC freezes
SC_CLOSE 0xF060 works
SC_VSCROLL 0xF070 PC freezes
SC_HSCROLL 0xF080 PC freezes
SC_MOUSEMENU 0xF090 no reaction
SC_KEYMENU 0xF100 works
SC_ARRANGE 0xF110 no reaction
SC_RESTORE 0xF120 works
SC_TASKLIST 0xF130 works
SC_SCREENSAVE 0xF140 works
SC_HOTKEY 0xF150 works
SC_DEFAULT 0xF160 works
SC_MONITORPOWER 0xF170 works, but it is not possible to turn the monitor on again