Inofficial documentation of the IRREMOTE.INI

Last updated: 17th March 2003

I asked Hauppauge Germany for a documentation but they didn't know about it. So I wrote a documentation myself.
Thanks to Normen Altiparmak who also tried to get a documentation.
Thanks also to Raimund Huber for his tips for {switch()} and {mode()}.

In this file you find that commands I know from. It is possible that this list is not complete and that there are errors.

This documentation is to be used with the IR software from mid 2001.

The IRREMOTE.INI contents of those paragraphs:

Global settings for the remote control such as repaet delay or beep.

RepeatDelay 0..? default: 3
Beep 0/1 if it is set to 1 you will hear an acoustic signal by pressing a key. Default: 0
VolStepSize 1..? Doesn't work on my PC. Default: 3
MenuLoad 0/1 if it is set to 1 the icon in the system-tray displays a quicklaunch list for the WinTV applications. Default: 1 (only 32bit-IR)
I got this tip from Alex:
It is possible to teach the infrared receiver to accept other remotes. By changing ValidCode and ValidMask as below the receiver will accept nearly all remotes. It just has to use a standard RC5 code.
Defines the schemes. For every scheme there has to be a paragraph with the same name later in the file.


There the key definitions are defined like 'key=definition'


The following values are accepted as key definitions:

All characters and digits:

{f1}..{f24} keys F1 - F24
{esc}, {escape} escape-key
{enter}, {return} return-key
{tab} tab-key
{shift} shift-key
{ctrl} ctrl-key
{alt} alt-key
{space} space
{left} cursor left
{right} cursor right
{up} cursor up
{down} cursor down
{pgup} page up
{pgdn} page down
{del}, {delete} del-key
{home} home-key
{end} end-key
{capslock}, {capital} Caps Lock
{scrollock}, {scroll} Scroll Lock
{prtsc}, {snapshot} print-key (= alt + print)
{backspace}, {bs}, {bksp}, {back} backspace-key
{insert} insert-key
{run()} run an application (ex.:: {run(notepad.exe)}
{close()} close an application (ex.:: {close(notepad.exe)}
{menu} activate menu bar (= F10 or alt)
{mode()} changes the current scheme
example: {mode(default)}
{numlock} Num Lock (only under Windows NT / 2000)
{lwin} left windows key
{rwin} right windows key
{apps} context menu (= shift + F10)
{sleep} stand by mode
{numpad0} - {numpad9} 0 - 9 on the num pad
{multiply} * on the num pad
{add} + on the num pad
{subtract} - on the num pad
{decimal} , on the num pad
{divide} / on the num pad
{volume_mute} main volume control mute
{volume_down} main volume control volume down
{volume_up} main volume control volume up
{browser_forward} Internet Explorer or Explorer window: forward
{browser_back} Internet Explorer or Explorer window: back
{browser_refresh} Internet Explorer or Explorer window: refresh (= F5)
{browser_stop} Internet Explorer or Explorer window: stop
{browser_search} Internet Explorer or Explorer window: search (= F3)
{browser_favorites} Internet Explorer or Explorer window: favorites
{browser_home} Internet Explorer or Explorer window: show Internet Explorer home page
{sys()} Sends a WM_SYSCOMMAND message to the current window (list of parameters)
{cmd()} Sends a WM_COMMAND message to the current window.
wParam is passed as parameter. Passing lParam is not possible
The following commands may not work on all systems
(You can see the results on my PC):
{clear} no reaction
{break} no reaction
{help} no reaction
{pwr()} Parameters: off: exit Windows / restore: wake up from {sleep} page fault
{switch()} same as {mode()}? my PC shows the tasklist like alt + tab then the keys on the keyboard are all mistaken
{vol} parameter? page fault
{mute} parameter? page fault
{LAUNCH_MEDIA_SELECT} Launch current system registered CD player.
By default it should be media player or something of Microsoft kind stuff, but if you install Winamp with default options, it'll register as default CD player and the following commands should not work.
no reaction on Windows 2000, works on Windows Me
{MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE} play or pause CD player


{MEDIA_NEXT_TRACK} CD player next track


{MEDIA_PREV_TRACK} CD player previous track


{MEDIA_STOP} CD player stop


{LAUNCH_APP1} {LAUNCH_APP2} launch application defined in Windows registry



Usage of the key definitions

You define the keys like "key=definition". Every scheme has its own definitions


It is not necessary to define every key. For each key that isn't defined the IR software uses its default setting. If you want to disable a key simply don't type a value after the "=".

A value can be single or as in the example in combination with other values.

This documentation is (c) 1999 - 2003 Daniel Schnabel